Sakata’s project that promotes healthy eating in schools wins Spain’s Naos award

Source: Fresh Plaza

La Pandi and her entire team are celebrating. The Government of Spain has awarded the Business Initiative Naos Strategy Award to Sakata Seed Iberica’s educational project La Pandi, which promotes the consumption of fruit and vegetables among schoolchildren.

These awards, which are intended to recognize and give greater visibility to those programs that promote healthy eating, are part of the Naos Strategy aimed at reversing the prevalence of obesity trend following the policies set by the World Health Organization and The European Union.

The Naos Award is the latest recognition that Sakata receives. In 2019, La Pandi won the Asociación 5 al Día Award for the Best Children’s Category Project.

La Pandi’s pedagogical strategy: learning while playing
La Pandi, the Corporate Social Responsibility project of the Sakata Seed Iberica company, has taught more than 43,000 children about the importance of having a healthy diet since 2013.

The success of these free workshops, aimed at children from 1st to 4th grade, is that it teaches schoolchildren through interactive games, sensory experiences, stories, stuffed animals, and the animation series La Pandi, where fruits and vegetables come to life and have thousands of adventures.

The stars of La Pandi are Broccolin, who has the superpowers of broccoli; the piel de sapo melon Sapito and his cousin the Pilgrim pumpkin, Yellow pepper, Tina the inventor, and the naughty twins Bi and Mi. These characters are part of the tools used in the pedagogical strategy to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as human and environmental values, such as the importance of agriculture and sustainability.


Due to the coronavirus crisis, La Pandi created a digital workshop to help children better understand the pandemic with new chapters, songs, and games to fight the ‘evil coronavirus’. La Pandi’s stuffed animals have also visited the hospitals as a token of appreciation to the children of the health workers, who have worked so hard in the last year.

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