Sausage and burger manufacturers prepare for strong demand

According to the latest statistics from levy board AHDB, in the 52 weeks to 18 April, volume sales of pork sausages climbed by 10%, while value sales grew by 15% to £826.6m. Over the 12 weeks to the same date, volume and value sales fell by 5%, but were still up 12% in volume on the equivalent period in 2019.

Volume sales for burgers and grills in the 52 weeks to 18 April rose by 20.9% year-on-year and value sales for burgers increased even more strongly by 26.3% to £441.5m. Comparing the same 12-week periods, volume growth stood at 2.4% and value growth at 8.3%.

There’s no denying that such products received a huge lockdown boost as consumers turned away from out-of-home and food-to-go channels to home and scratch cooking.

As warmer weather sets in, meat processors are looking to market their products to consumers hungry for barbecued meat.

“It’s the time of year when we see a spike in the sales of sausages and burgers, as families and friends get together to enjoy food and drinks in the sunshine,” ​says Pilgrim’s Pride sales director Zaggy Zachairou.

“We’re expecting this to be even bigger this year as people make the most of restrictions on social gatherings easing in the summer months.”

To meet this upcoming demand, the company says it has invested in machinery and automation across all its lines, while maintaining high standards and quality.

While demand is expected to rise along with the temperature, Pilgrim’s Pride has observed that consumers aren’t just looking for a standard sausage to throw on the ‘Barbie’.