“Saving on labor, serving customers quickly”

Source: Fresh Plaza

Through a unique vertical peeling principle, HEPRO® not only offers its customers the optimum in peeling quality, but also scores with several other factors. “We want our customers to be able to get an idea of the machine with their own produce and their own employees. Especially now that trade fairs cannot take place, the request for on-site tests is very high,” HEPRO Ltd account manager Ellen Reinhold reports. “Producers from the Netherlands and Belgium are currently investing very heavily in the new technology. My (new) customers are enthusiastic.”

“In the VIP machine, the asparagus is gripped gently with the help of air-filled tulips, after which it is fixed and then peeled as if by hand, from top to bottom. This technique always delights customers, as reworking is eliminated and wastage is minimal,” says Philipp Haupt, responsible for the areas in northern and eastern Germany.

The HEPRO-1800 is also already being used successfully at the Schröder asparagus farm in Gütersloh.

Low peeling wastage
The peeling principle is not only precise, but also saves material and labor costs. For example, with only twelve knives, the HEPRO-1800 achieves a peeling loss of only 25-28%. “Experience shows that during rush hours, our customers hold back one or two employees who can attend to the operation and billing at the same time. This means our installation pays itself off within a very short time,” explains Alex Fröse, responsible for the southern German areas for HEPRO.

“The first demonstration dates – and live tests – are already planned. Our HEPRO-1800 is a favorite among our customers and is fully in line with the trend. After all, a trip to the farm store offers a refreshing change from everyday Corona life. I have often heard the phrase ‘Dad, I want to see the asparagus peeling machine’.”

Efficient peeling process
At the Merlau asparagus farm in the Darmstadt district, the HEPRO-1800 has now been in use for almost three years, in addition to the proven HSM-6000. Owner Georg Merlau is particularly satisfied with the machine’s performance. “The machine is just the right size for the farm store, and truly has an optimum peeling performance. It is also easy to operate. My customers love to stand and watch during the peeling process. You just can’t underestimate that element of freshness, as well as the experience.”

Especially in these times of Corona, when we can’t enjoy asparagus at the local caterer, there is just more need for convenience at home. This also boosts sales of the peeled fine vegetables. “About 30-40 percent of my customers have their produce peeled mechanically. The trend is obviously growing, not least because there is significantly less waste product when you peel mechanically. The Hepro-1800 helps us achieve a higher added value and thus serve our customers better,” Merlau adds.

Quick key assignment
The vertical peeling machine is winning over farm stores, not just through its quality, but through its easy and pleasant handling as well. Quiet and small, it fits perfectly into any farm store and provides transparency during processing. When time is of the essence,  peeling pressure can be pre-set individually on three profiles, so new employees can quickly get to grips with the machine. “Thanks to the quick key assignment, years of peeling experience or technical knowledge are no longer required. A thankful feature in times of uncertain labor sourcing. The machine is obviously going places,” says Philipp Haupt.

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