SeaFuel in silver prize win at Ecotrophelia UK 2021

In this exclusive interview with Food Manufacture, ​team member Lottie Morey discussed the sustainability credentials of the product and how the manufacturing process would be sustainable.

“We tried to incorporate sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing site, so we’re hoping for it to be a carbon neutral site – using renewable energy source where possible, offsetting emissions by planting trees – and we’re hoping in the future to use an anaerobic digestion facility, so any waste we produce we can regenerate into electricity and other forms of energy,”​ Morey explained.

“We made sure our suppliers were located in close proximity [to the site] – we’re all located in the south of England – to reduce transportation emissions. In our manufacturing process, the dough we’re using can be reused so any offcuts can be used to minimise waste.”

‘New protein sources’

When asked about the reason behind her team’s entry into this year’s competition, Morey said: “Our team wanted to open people’s eyes to novel protein sources – ones that are more sustainable and less conventional.

“When people think about protein, they think about meat and poultry and not really seaweed. When we were evaluating the market, we found the savoury, high protein snack market was less saturated than sweets, so we thought decided on a high protein savoury product.”

The team decided on a medium that bridged the gap between traditional high in protein snack products, such as bars and cookies.