Sicilian orange campaign continues with late varieties

Source: Fresh Plaza

Another citrus fruit season comes to an end in Sicily and the time has come for late varieties. FreshPlaza talked about it with Aurelio Pannitteri, owner of the Rosaria brand, who also discussed sustainability.

Aurelio Pannitteri

“The orange campaign is coming to an end with our prestigious varieties of Meli tarocco. They are late oranges with an intense unmistakable flavor that exalts the high standards we are already known for all over the world.” Rosaria is in fact a famous international commercial brand that focuses on high-quality and values. 

Above: tray with six fruits. Elegant presentation with captivating colors reminiscent of the origin of the product.

“We care about sustainability a lot, intended as respect for the environment and consumers. 12 years ago, we installed a photovoltaic plant to reduce our emissions, and have not stopped since. What is more, we renewed our irrigation system to rationalize the use of water.”

“The value of a product is measured in terms of environmental, economic, working and social sustainability, which also means safeguarding consumers and guaranteeing traceability. We implemented the blockchain system two years ago and were the first orange growers (at least in Italy) to do so. We have been employing pollinator bees for quite some time thanks to the collaboration with local honey producers. Finally, the peel of our oranges is perfectly edible, further proof of how the Rosaria brand is a true model of healthy agriculture.”

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