SICK unveils new 3D streaming camera range

It processes up to 15.4Gp/s to enable up to 7,000 full-frame 3D profiles per second. The Ruler3000 extracts the true 3D shape of an object, regardless of its contrast or colour, as well as simultaneously capturing greyscale and scattered light measurements, so image processing and measurement precision can be optimised.

The high sensitivity of the system allows inspection of very dark or highly-reflective materials, making it useable in a number of different applications on the production line – including above conveyors or mounted to a robot arm for pick and place applications.


SICK has designed the Ruler3000 to work seamless with operators’ existing software, providing plug-and-play access to third party software such as Halcon and LabView.

The Sick Ruler3020 is the first release in the range, able to deliver 3D profiles at up to 7kHz full format, or up to 46 kHz with a reduced region of interest.

Measurements are output in millimeter values with a Z-resolution from 8-15µm and an X-resolution from 63-88µm, assuring very high definition to inspect even extremely dark or reflective surfaces, as well as to output precision data for accurate robot guidance.

Speed and accuracy s

Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK product manager for imaging, measurement and ranging, said: “With today’s demands for higher throughputs, more accurate quality control and flexible, batch-orientated production, the pressure is mounting to deliver more speed and accuracy from 3D machine vision systems.