Sindh province seeks federal ban on tomato import and opening up of onion exports

The government of Sindh  province has wrote a letter to the federal government seeking a ban on the import of tomatoes, while demanding action for opening up the export of onions. Sindh’s Agriculture Department stated that Sindh produces most of the tomatoes and onion crops yield in Pakistan and the crops have ripe for harvest.

Sindh’s Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu: “Sindh is expected to achieve a good yield of tomatoes and onion this year. The farmers could not receive an appropriate price of these crops due to import of tomatoes and a ban on export of onions. They have also protested in Sindh against the import of tomatoes.”

“Sindh cultivated onion crop on 57,900 hectares in year 2019-20 and produced 782,140 tons of onions, while the crop has cultivated at 58,200 hectares this year. Sindh cultivated tomatoes on 22,542 hectares in year 2019-20 and produced 164,658 tons of the crop, while the crop has been cultivated at 30,000 hectares this year. The farmers are failing to get the production costs of crops due to inappropriate federal policies.”

According to¸ provincial officials have demanded of the federal authorities to take steps for a ban on import of tomatoes, while the ministries of commerce and the food security should grant permission for export of the excessive onion yield.

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Source: Fresh Plaza