Six factors increasing staff turnover and how to avoid them

The group identified six of the major factors in the workplace that could lead to staff turnover, all of which contribute to ‘huge employee turnover costs’. 

Little opportunity for growth 

Businesses that don’t provide opportunities for employees to progress can cause them to feel stuck in their roles and promote feelings that their hard work and commitment isn’t recognised.  

Simple fixes include offering promotions for existing employees rather than hiring externally and communicating with staff to ensure they have clarity on how they need to perform in order for this to be possible – an example being a checklist of targets over a realistic time frame. 

Providing relevant training courses for staff would allow them to educate themselves and stay up to date with the sector, providing being an opportunity for growth.  

Lack of feedback 

Following on from the above, providing employees with regular feedback is a sure-fire way to drive retention and show recognition of their hard work. Regular 1-1s offer the opportunity to provide feedback, as it gives employees the chance to address any areas they are particularly struggling in. 

“As an employer, the purpose is not to provide top-down performance feedback, assess the company’s performance, or evaluate the status of certain projects,​” Loopin explained.  

“Instead, the employee needs to take centre stage. You should ask questions to discover more about their goals and ambitions, as well as any concerns or pain points.”