Southern Croatia at the start of strawberry season

Source: Fresh Plaza

In the Vrgorac area in southern Croatia, the strawberry picking season has started. The Vrgorac Strawberry Association has predicted that some 600 tons of high quality strawberries can be expected from local fields this year .

Vrgorac high-quality strawberries will already be available at farmers’ markets as of tomorrow, said the Association’s president, Milan Franić. Franić added that, from this year’s yield, are a revenue of HRK 12 million (€1.56 mln) is expected for producers in the Vrgorac area.

“We have good weather conditions and will produce a standard quality. The yield will be high and of good quality for almost all producers however 15 family farms affected by last year’s floods in Kokorići will not have any yield this year because the floods destroyed their greenhouse and crops,” Franić told

He added the price of strawberries is HRK 25 (€3.25) per kilogram, which is far below their price in the European Union where their cost ranges from €7 to €10.