Spain asks Brussels to consider granting compensations if US tariffs are not lifted

The Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has asked the European Commission to study compensating the producers affected in the event that the tariffs that the United States applies to some European agro-food products are not immediately lifted.

In a statement released within the framework of a videoconference of European Ministers of Agriculture, the Planas said that Spain will ask Brussels “to accelerate contacts with the North American Administration to try eliminating the unfair tariffs in place since October two years ago, and which affect all agro-food products.”

He mentioned the “success” of post-Brexit “from the point of view of traffic and agro-food trade, since our exports to the United Kingdom are not subject to tariffs; something that is very important for Spain,” since the country exports agro-food products worth more than 4,000 million Euro each year.

However, the Minister asked “to closely follow all customs procedures, from the point of view of export and import certificates and everything related to administrative procedures to see how these affect the normal commercial relationship with the United Kingdom” and decide on a possible course of action.

Regarding the on-going negotiations for a trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand and those being carried out to review the agreements with Chile and Indonesia, Planas said that he will draw attention to “the need to protect the interests of our producers so that they are not harmed.”

Regarding the reform of the CAP, still pending an agreement between the Council and the European Parliament, he believes that the pact between the institutions should differ “very little” from the one achieved by the Ministers of Agriculture, which he described as a “good deal.”



Source: Fresh Plaza