Spanish auction goes for real-time sales in the cloud with Kosmos

Source: Fresh Plaza

For the set-up of its brand-new fruit and vegetable auction, Andalucía Auctions Direct Growers S.L. chooses to trade its products in the cloud with Aucxis’ digital trading platform Kosmos. No physical auction room will be set up: all auction activities will take place in the cloud, the trademark of Kosmos. This project will be Aucxis’ first Kosmos realisation in Spain.

Earlier this year, a group of experienced Spanish entrepreneurs in the fruit and vegetable and cut flower sector founded Andalucía Auctions Direct Growers S.L. (further Andalucía Auctions),a brand-new fruit and vegetable auction in the south of Spain. Thanks to their background, the owners are familiar with how and why successful auction markets like Royal FloraHolland work with an auction system.

Andalucía Auctions wants to reach its buyers with products from smaller growers, and introduce the concept of an online fruit and vegetable auction to its extensive farmer and customer network: a first in the sector for the whole of Spain. For this reason, they are eager to work with Aucxis’ digital trading platform in the cloud, Kosmos.

As Andalucía Auctions decided to trade in the cloud only, the power of Kosmos can be fully exploited. The users simply log in to the sale via their browser and do not have to travel elsewhere to participate. Through the information portal buyers and sellers can also request general statistics or personal information based on the stored transactions. Furthermore, Andalucía Auctions does not have to invest in expensive hardware and the growers can count on fair prices for their products: it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Other advantages of the Kosmos trading platform:

  • Kosmos offers a wide package of functionalities which are optimally tailored to the auction’s products and way of working. Product description, selection of selling method, user roles and rights, the different languages, reporting etc. are configurable in detail.
  • Kosmos evolves along with the market’s and its users’ needs: bug fixing, software updates and new functionalities are added at the request of the market.
  • Kosmos is offered in the form of a SAAS licence (Software As A Service),which means the auction does not need to invest in complex IT infrastructure. We take care of everything: from installation and configuration to user training and 24-hour support service.
  • Generic software infrastructure: KOSMOS was developed in .Net and has an MS-SQL database. We guarantee the functioning and support when opening the web application via Google Chrome.

Andalucía Auctions ordered one clock to serve 250 online users. All standard Kosmos functionalities for supply, sales and after sales available in the current package will be rolled out. The project is scheduled for completion this summer; it will be Aucxis’ first Kosmos reference in Spain.

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