“Steadier demand from our customers than this time last year.”

Source: Fresh Plaza

The exotic mushrooms are selling rather well. One exporter has tripled its volumes compared to the same period last year. However, the current year is still filled with challenges despite the steady demand. One of these challenges concerns the prices, however there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Exotic mushroom exporter Nature Green has seen a lot of growth over the past two years, says managing director Arthur Pyvovarnyk: “Week by week the team is putting every effort into doing what they do best; grow, carefully harvest and send the highest quality organic mushrooms to our loyal customers. The entire team at Nature Green has come along leaps and bounds over the past two years, empowering and providing growth and development opportunities for all our employee. Tripling our weekly volumes in this period was a complex task and we could not have done it without the strength and value of both our production and management staff. Even though the warm spring weather did not reach our facility yet, organic Shiitake mushrooms are in full blossom.”

The current year might not be as challenging as 2020, but it’s nowhere near smooth sailing for produce exporters, Pyvovarnyk explains: “The past year has provided many ups and downs, for not only us, but for every business. We have learned many lessons over this challenging time and will carry them forward with us while continuing to learn in this new landscape. 2021 is still a difficult year to navigate around, with various complex issues across our business from sales channels, countries to volumes, and most of all prices. We are seeing light at the end of this tunnel with a lot steadier demand from our customers than this time last year.”

Sales Manager Vincenzo Salento states that Nature Green has started to experiment with new strains of mushrooms: “Nowadays people are paying much more attention to the quality of food they consume. This puts our produce in the spotlight. It was a very busy year, on top of our expansion completion and staff training sessions, we started to experiment with new strains of mushrooms which we now expect launching shortly. Nature Green is working on granting IFS certification to ease the relationships with retailers across the EU. New digital company communication is being launched to further promote and deliver Nature Green’s values: healthy, organic, and sustainable food along with above market standards mushrooms. Becoming a one-stop shopping company in the exotic mushrooms market and a solid partner of choice for its valuable customers is our mission for the upcoming months.”

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