“Sweet potatoes thrive under organic plastic”

Source: Fresh Plaza

Packaging must become more sustainable while retaining its qualitative properties. This has been one of Oerlemans Plastics Horticulture’s core values since 1992. This Dutch company recently developed sustainable films that are proving successful. One of these is organic sheeting used for sweet potatoes. It’s been shown in practice that this popular vegetable thrives under this material.

Last season, Oerlemans Plastics recorded on camera how this biodegradable film is used in sweet potato farming. You can watch how these root vegetables are grown under this sheeting in this clip.

Joep van de Bool owns De Waog organic farm. The results surprised him. “The organic film heats the soil faster. You prevent weed growth, too, and reduce water evaporation when it’s hot. Also, when it rains heavily, the water drains away nicely.”

This agricultural innovation’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed. “Sweet potatoes and organic film are increasingly being successfully combined throughout Europe,” says Henri van Hemert, product manager horticulture at Oerlemans Plastics.

“Yet not all agricultural businesses are aware of this sustainable product. We can share this practical story with everyone. That’s thanks to Joep and another Dutch sweet potato farmer, Johan van Beek. Anyone with questions about this film’s use is welcome to contact us.”

Oerlemans Plastics Horticulture is part of the Oerlemans Packaging Group. They’ve been investing in making its product range more sustainable since 1992. This family business produces customized flexible, high-quality plastic packaging and films.

Circular entrepreneurship, according to the Rethink principle, characterizes the entire process. The focus is on reducing materials and using sustainable raw materials. New packaging concepts are continuously being developed. The company does this by extrusion, flexo printing, and conversions.

The company has eight locations in the Netherlands and consists of six subsidiaries. They are Fardem, Flexpak, Oerlemans Plastics, Oosterwolde Plastic Industrie, Perfon, and Plasthill. These jointly supply a wide range of packaging products.

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