Taiwan mango prices up due to drought and disease

Source: Fresh Plaza

Prices for Taiwan’s Irwin mangoes are expected to increase by up to 30% because of limited harvests in the wake of the island’s worst drought in more than 50 years. Apart from the weather conditions, drought-induced pest damage caused by thrip insects has also affected a number of fruits and vegetables. This spring, the agricultural industry recorded NT$478 million (US$17.1 million) in losses up to April 21, according to data from the Council of Agriculture at the Executive Yuan.

Professor Chen Shwu-en from the Agribusiness Management Faculty of the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology stated that mangoes were the hardest-hit crops among all the agricultural produce. A total of NT$307 million had been lost over the fruit owing to the dry conditions and the amount was expected to go up further, Chen told hk.appledaily.com. Some experts believe thrip damage might halve the harvest.

Retail charges for a box containing five kilograms of Irwin mangoes would likely climb up by 30 percent to more than HK$700 (US$90) in late May.