The sun of Uzbekistan and the quality of made in Italy

Source: Fresh Plaza

A year has passed since the founding of The Garden, a company specializing in the cultivation and realization of fruits and plants, based in Namangan, 300 km to the east of Tashkent. The opening up to the internationalization of the country has favored investments and stimulated the three partners to carry out their ambitious project that aims at the production of fresh fruits with excellent organoleptic characteristics. These are 100% made in Italy products and are in compliance with the European production protocols.

The Advice&Consulting agronomist Angelo Mazzanti and one of the founding partners Ulukbek Azimov plant the first apple tree

The fusion of the founder’s skills in the fruit sector – the know-how and made in Italy products of Advice&Consulting, the high-quality plants of the Nischler nursery and the support of Pop Impex – will all determine the success of this project.

After the careful technical design, we moved on to the executive phase, with the use of the best performing technological innovations in the fruit sector. This will involve an entire support system with concrete piles, a drip irrigation system, which is completely automated and already functioning, along with the highest quality certified and virus free Italian plants. On site there is the assembly of the anti-hail protection structures and the rain cover on the cherry trees, which will secure the investments and guarantee the quality of the fruits being harvested.

The variety choice was made accurately, after an in-depth study of the climatic conditions, the characteristics of the soil and the trends of the reference target. Apples, cherries, apricots, raspberries: 80% of these plants have already begun their vegetative cycle, the remaining 20% will wake up in the coming days, and the strawberries will be harvested as early as the end of April.

The forms of farming chosen for the crops are those that most aim at quality and productivity. For the apple plants they chose the cultivation system fusetto, with rootstock M9 and mono varietal blocks, with their respective pollinators; the harvest is expected in August. For the cherry plants, the 2 types of rootstocks Gisella 6 and Gisella 5 were selected, with varietal replicas of 2 rows in the same block. Cultivation form – columnar axis.

Alexandra Caminschi general director of Advice&Consulting

For the apricot, the rootstock Mirabolano 29C was chosen. With a distance of 4 meters between each row and 2m between one plant and the other on the row, the cultivation system is the 3-axis candlestick. The shape is flattened and allows the use of machinery to simplify and speed up the management of the orchard, pruning and thinning fruit, the most demanding operations for this crop. For cherry and apricot, the harvest will be from May 2022.

The strawberry plants were planted with the mulching technique, which protects them, making them more productive. An efficient fertigation system was installed, which is essential for providing the right amount of water and nutrients. In addition, both uniform and remontant varieties of raspberries have been planted, with harvest expected in August.

A team of Italian Advice&Consulting agronomists is constantly present on site to train the staff and now the post-transplant pruning, and the end of winter cleaning of the strawberries have just been completed.

“We are carrying out an ambitious project in which we strongly believe,” says the General Director of The Garden, Raffaele Napoli. “We are preparing solid foundations for the evolution of fruit growing in Uzbekistan. The high European quality standards can also be achieved here, indeed, the combination of technologies of made in Italy and the sun of Uzbekistan will soon allow us to reap delicious fruits, able to satisfy the most demanding palates”.

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