“The Valencia season started with some challenges in the Chinese market”

The Valencias from Egypt experiences some trouble in the Chinese market. A new inspection procedure meant changes needed to be made in the Egyptian pack-houses, something the Egyptian authorities helped facilitate to have the exports resume as quickly as possible. The most prominent size in the Egyptian farm is on the small side, meaning prices for large Valencia oranges could be higher this year.

For most Egyptian citrus exporters, the Valencia season the most important season of the year. The Egyptian Valencia season has kicked off last week. According to Abdallah Tharwat, business development manager for Pyramids for agricultural Investment, the Valencia season will offer exporters who had a rough Navel season an opportunity to recover: “The Egyptian Valencia season started in the second week of this year. The Navel season has been tough to the exporters in Egypt, as Navels are a sensitive crop, but still have the more favorable taste for certain countries. Now, with the Valencias, we’ll hopefully see some of these companies recover.”

The Valencia oranges ran into some trouble after being exported to China, after which the Egyptian authorities have had to offer help to ensure exports to China could continue, Tharwat explains. “From a general perspective, it’s hard to specify any country as the most important market. All these countries have their share in the import of Valencias from Egypt, this helps have balance in the market. This year, we season started with some challenges with the Chinese market, due to some inspection procedures of their citrus imports, however the authorities in Egypt quickly intervened and facilitated the implementations in the packhouses in Egypt. China is normally one of the most important markets for Egypt, as about twenty per cent of all Egyptian exports are sent to the Chinese market.”

In terms of sizes, Tharwat has seen there more more smaller sized Valencias than larger ones. This could have an impact on the prices. “There is an increase of total Valencia volumes in Egypt of about 25%. The most common sizer are small all over the farms, which means the price for larger orange sizes should be higher this year. Spain is one of our main competitors and are a strong player in the citrus market, and when they had weather issues we saw many companies raised the quantities of their imports from Egypt, and other countries, as a result.”

“At pyramids we cooperate with companies by giving them more knowledge and information about market and new trends. We then recommend to them the best suitable brand for their business. This year, we have co-operated with four new companies that are planning to provide their clients in many markets, with A-class volumes of oranges from Egypt to cover the whole year. The planned increase to their sales volume is about 18%.” Tharwat concluded.

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