Togolese pineapple sector is doing well

Between 2017 and 2019, Togo’s pineapple output grew by 11.6%, from 27,000 tons to 30,149 tons. The sector encompasses more than 3,200 producers.

The pineapple industry is very much oriented towards processing and export; it produces more than one million liters of pineapple juice, 20% of which is destined for the organic market.

Driven mostly by the growth of the pineapple industry and a rising demand for organic products, the number of businesses processing and exporting the fruit in Togo soared by more than 60% – from 30 to 50%, over the period reviewed. The increase is also attributable to support from many partners.

In Togo, pineapples (the Cayenne and Brazza varieties) are mainly grown in the coastal and plateau regions (south and central regions). According to, besides juice production, it is also dried and used to make jam.

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Source: Fresh Plaza