Tomato cultivation in the desert

South of Dakhla, in Morocco, the Agida farm is developing an unusual model of greenhouse cultivation. It is an Economic Interest Group (GIE) created in 2017 on the initiative of the Agricultural Development Agency (ADA), with 5 to 10 hectares of the State’s private domain allocated to 15 young people from the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region so that they can farm them.

By pooling their savings and taking out loans, they set up a greenhouse cherry tomato plantation in the middle of the desert. “We first followed a training course to learn to work together before setting up Agida, which currently has 80 hectares, with 50 of them already converted into greenhouses,” said Fouad Zouhir, one of the members of the GIE. “All our production is intended for export, mainly to France, but also to other European countries.” The plan is to export 6,000 tons of cherry tomatoes.

The implementation of the Green Morocco Plan has been followed closely by the Ministry of Agriculture. “We have been supporting the young participants since the project’s launch,” said Cherif Larqam, Regional Director of the Ministry of Agriculture in Dakhla – Oued Eddahab. The project is also part of a system to be developed under the new agricultural strategy “Generation Green 2020 – 2030”. This project must therefore attract the attention of investors and ultimately provide employment for many young people in the region.


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