U of A ag research receives WGRF funding

Source: www.producer.com

The University of Alberta’s wheat breeding program has received $288,550 through the Western Grains Research Foundation.

The funds are earmarked to buy a research plot seeder and a combine, according to a Feb. 24 news release announcing the funds.

The U of A program focuses on hard red and high-yield spring wheat varieties “and also conducts research into genetics of disease resistance, nitrogen-use efficiency in wheat, and supports other winter wheat, spring wheat, barley and organic oat breeding programs,” the release said.

Dean Spaner runs the U of A wheat breeding program.

Garth Patterson, WGRF executive director, said this funding plus investment in the Breton Plots and in a research chair in cropping systems at the U of A totals more than $3.5 million contributed by the WGRF into research capacity at the university.

The latest funding is part of a $32 million initiative administered by the foundation to accelerate and expand crop research.