Ukrainian blueberries season could start later this year

Source: Fresh Plaza

Due to the cold spring, most Ukrainian blueberries producers are expecting a shift in the 2021 harvest. Producers estimate that the harvesting of blueberries in Ukraine will start 10-14 days later this year than last year. However, some farmers believe that under certain conditions there is still time to compensate the slow development of the plant in the spring.

Of course, there was no early harvest of blueberries in 2020. Moreover, the harvest of early blueberry varieties, as well as many other crops, was almost completely lost, while middle and late blueberry varieties matured later than in 2019.

“The shift in the berry season, in particular the 10-14 days lag comparing to last year, can only have a positive effect on the future harvest, as there are additional chances to avoid maximum damage from the impact of possible frosts in May 2021,” Yevgenia Nikityuk, representative of LLC “Aurora” in the Zaporizhzhia region.told

Despite the rather cool first half of spring 2021, not all berry producers in Ukraine are 100% sure that the season shifts. “One of the decisive months of the upcoming blueberry season in Ukraine will be June, when higher air temperatures, balanced precipitation and sufficient sunny days will be able to compensate for the lag in the plant development. Accordingly, the ripening dates for blueberries may well reach the same dates as in the previous year,” Fedir Prima from Eco-Park agricultural company said. If there is a delay in the start of the blueberry harvest, it is necessary to take into account possible changes in the consumption, and, accordingly, prices.