Unit price of imported fruits arriving at Jiujiang port may reduce by 20-30%

Source: Fresh Plaza

It is reported that the supervision site for imported fruits at Chengxi Terminal of Port of Jiujiang has been approved for business by the General Administration of Customs. This is another new important functional platform of Jiujiang, following the successful completion of the supervision sites for imported grains and meats.

Data shows that Jiangxi Province handles over 300,000 tons of imported fruits, with a value of 10 billion yuan yearly. This is also growing at 20% every year. There is a total population of 190 million in Jiangxi and Hubei, Anhui, Hunan and other areas in its vicinity, and there is a huge market potential for the demand for imported fruits. However, for a long time, most of the imported fruits in the province were imported to ports such as Shanghai. The cost is high and the transportation and storage cycle is long, affecting the quality and price of imported fruits.

After the development and opening of the supervision site for imported fruits in Jiujiang, thanks to the integration of customs clearance and the streamlined administrative approval procedures, customs declaration fees and logistics costs for imported fruits will be greatly reduced, and the time cycle will be shorter. After the cost is reduced, residents of Jiangxi and surrounding areas will benefit from the increase in import volume and the decrease in unit price. It is expected that the unit price will be reduced by 20% to 30%.

Source: Dajiang