Vegetable prices shooting up due to limited supply

Source: Fresh Plaza

Last Monday, traders at Jaipur’s Mohana Mandi stated there has been a rise of 40 per cent in the vegetable prices since the recent weekend curfew was announced. Even though the Rajasthan state government has clearly mentioned that supply of vegetables should not be hampered, vegetable shipments  from nearby districts including Tonk, Sikar and Dausa are affected.

“There has been a limited supply of potatoes, onions, coriander, bottle gourd and other vegetables since Thursday. Due to this, prices have shot up. If the supply is proper prices will dip,” said a wholesale trader of vegetables at the Mohana Mandi.

The increased demand for fruits amidst curfew and Ramzan has already been a cause of concern for the homemakers. “Due to increased Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra supply of onions from Nashik has also been affected badly,” a wholesale trader of onions and garlic at Sodala vegetable market told

Wholesale traders said that the recently announced restrictions have cleared that vegetable supplies should not be hampered but farmers from the nearby districts are apprehensive and not moving into Jaipur.

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