Vertically grown salads and fresh herbs in føtex and Bilka across Denmark

Source: Fresh Plaza

Danske Nordic Harvest has worked at high pressure to get one of the world’s largest vertical farms, fitted with the ground-breaking technology, ready for production for Danish consumers, and now the products are landing on Danish shelves for the first time: “The products from Nordic Harvest are unique in taste and quality. They are made without the use of pesticides, with an approx. 250 times less water consumption and through a completely optimal land use. We have believed in Nordic Harvest’s innovative products for several years and are pleased that it has now become a reality,” says Stephan Bruhn, category director at Salling Group, and continues: “We know that consumers are interested in the green transition, food security and goods without chemicals, and we are convinced that sustainable products in this form will be a hit. That’s why we also go out and launch in all føtex and Bilka’s for a start.”

With the agreement, Nordic Harvest will deliver almost three tonnes of salads and herbs a week to the Salling Group. At the same time, the plan is to test new products in Salling Group’s chains on an ongoing basis.

On Nordic Harvest’s vertical farm in Taastrup, the crops are grown on floors, which utilizes space. On 14 floors, the salads and herbs are grown in water in a closed and controlled environment that gives the plants the optimal conditions for growth, taste and nutritional content.”

From harvest until they are in the package in the fridge, it takes about 10 minutes. From seeds to supermarket, they have never been in contact with soil, human hands, bacteria, fungal spores or pests. And they therefore do not need to be rinsed, either when packed or before being used at home at the dining table. So there is nothing along the way that degrades the plant, and therefore the products have an impressive shelf life that minimizes food waste.

“We could not have found a better launch partner than Salling Group. Our common values around sustainable production and their skilled sense of taste and quality have meant that we have had a fantastic dialogue and a good collaboration from our very beginning. I am looking forward to seeing how Danish consumers receive our products,” says Anders Riemann, CEO of Nordic Harvest.

The prices of Nordic Harvest products will be at the same level as similar organic products. All the products from Nordic Harvest are delivered cut and in boxes that do not crush the leaves, and which can also be easily closed again if you do not use it all at once. The packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable recycled plastic.


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