Vietnamese coconut export season is at its peak as prices rise

Source: Fresh Plaza

This is the peak period of the Vietnamese coconut export season. The price of coconuts from the Ben Tre regions rose to a high level. Mary is a sales manager at the Vietnamese fruit export company True Fruits Co., Ltd. She recently shared her insights into current conditions in the local fruit industry.

The reason for the high price of coconuts in Ben Tre is attributed to the decline in the output of raw coconuts, along with that, traders are pouring in to buy desiccated coconuts in large quantity, so the price of coconuts has increased sharply.

“In recent weeks, the product quality of coconuts in Ben Tre province was affected by the level of salinity in 2020 and in the first months of this year. This is also in the off-season period, making the coconut trees reduce fruit yield. That is why the coconut output in Ben Tre is much lower in this season.” Mary said. “Meanwhile, the price of raw coconuts has increased sharply due to demand in the domestic and export markets. The demand for imported coconuts from other countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. continues to increase, so the price of coconut is pushed up. The prices of coconut continue to rise dramatically and there is no indication that this development is slowing down.”

“While improving the quality of coconut products, we also focus on improving the lives of farmers. We have sent our agronomists to Ben Tre Province to research and develop the complete transformation of farming to organic agriculture.” Mary said.

“For example, we instruct farmers to raise and breed insects such as chelisoches variegatus and tetrastichus brontispae because they are the natural enemies of the insects that damage crops. We provide chelisoches variegatus and tetrastichus brontispae to farmers, and we guide and train farmers towards sustainable and effective agricultural development to improve and enhance farmers’ knowledge.”

Nguyen Van Ra is the pioneer in True Fruits’ organic project and the farmer who has the largest area as well. He shared his insights into the effectiveness of bees as natural enemies of harmful insects after he applied this method on his coconut farm.

“Three years ago, I used a chemical pesticide to control harmful insects on our farm, however, I worried about negative impacts on my family’s health and the ecological balance. And I have tried other environmentally sustainable methods but I could not reduce the level of crop damage. With True Fruit’s help, I have found a suitable remedy oriented to the stability of agricultural development. Instead of being cost consuming like chemical pesticides, I saw the coconut production volume increase significantly.”

In addition to coconuts, True Fruits also exports a variety of tropical fruits such as pomelo, dragon fruit, and ginger. “We do not only focus on improving the product quality but also aim to raise the standard living quality of farmers.” Mary said.

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