Viterra announces canola crushing plant for Regina


Viterra has confirmed it will build a canola crushing facility in Regina.

The company announced the construction this morning, two weeks after buying land from the city.

The plant will have capacity for 2.5 million tonnes, making it the world’s largest integrated crush facility, the company said.

Viterra said crush demand is expected to continue due to food, feed and fuel markets.

This plant will play a key role in supplying feed stock for renewable fuel production.

Kyle Jeworski, CEO of Viterra North America, said the construction demonstrates confidence in the future of western Canadian canola production.

“Through this project we will be able to further leverage our strong relationships with farm customers and support Saskatchewan’s growth plan for expanded value-added processing capacity,” he said.

The project is subject to final permits, licenses and agreements with third parties. It is expected to begin operating in late 2024.