Warehouse expansion and site takeover

With the completion of the warehouse expansion at the Eldingen site, as well as the expansion and takeover of the Wietzendorf site, EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH has significantly expanded its storage and processing options for seed potatoes for the 2020/21 season.

“We can now store around 20,000 t of seed potatoes at the Eldingen, Oetzen and Wietzendorf sites from the harvest. Once again, the same quantity is delivered to the warehouses by agricultural multipliers for processing in the ongoing sorting process,” reports Hans-Adolf Ferchau, who is responsible for this area.

In addition to the regionally based propagation companies without sufficient storage space of their own, this also offers good opportunities for newcomers from southern Lower Saxony in particular to use the seed potato sector to expand the types of crops grown.

Early vegetation offers multiple advantages
“We reach sales markets that could not otherwise be served, especially for early export shipments with this heavy-bodied commodity from southern Lower Saxony. Thanks to the earlier vegetation, we are able to carry out the first shipments overseas as early as the end of September,” says Christian Krahn, the export manager responsible for these country areas, who is pleased about the additional opportunities.

Thanks to the expanded sorting and processing capacities, up to 600 t can be processed daily in single-shift operation at the three loading locations in the Heide region and made available for loading, depending on the packaging unit. In addition, there are the loading capacities in the warehouses of the BNA plants in MVP and Kehdingen, RAISA in the Stade region, as well as the many very efficient yard loading plants, which are spread all over the federal territory.

In preparation for the main loading period, the warehouses also operate in multiple shifts in order to make the quantities available on time.

Space and time bridging
EUROPLANT thus meets the diverse customer requirements in terms of regional origin, broken sorting sizes, diverse packaging units from 5 kg, 10 kg, 12.5 kg, 25 kg to BigBag and loose loading with a high degree of reliability. A lot of additional service is offered in the scope of space and time bridging. Especially in the increasingly shorter loading time in spring, when many companies want to receive the planting material more and more directly at planting time, EUROPLANT delivers reliably in the time periods agreed upon and requested by the customer.

The various possibilities of technical cooling, which are now available in almost all storage areas, help enormously.

Regional, national and international customers
“We deliver seed potatoes in the desired packaging from the end of September until May, just as regional, national and international customers expect us to do,” says Managing Director Jörg Eggers, explaining the background to these structural and logistical expansions.

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