Warm Michigan weather increases early growth risk for fruit trees

Source: Fresh Plaza

Although it is only April, it feels like summer across mid-Michigan. This might be good news for outdoor activities, but fruit growers are worried about possible crop losses. Unseasonably warm weather has accelerated growth to the point that the fruit is more vulnerable to a sudden cold snap.

Mid-Michigan fruit farmers are even thinking back to 2012, when the state lost its entire crop of apples, cherries and peaches due to ten days of record heat in March, followed by sub-freezing temperatures in both April and May.

Some good news for growers, sub-freezing temperatures look unlikely, at least for the next couple of weeks, and more rain is forecast. If there are no weather issues, growers expect a crop of larger sized fruit than last year, when dry weather produced many smaller and sweeter apples.

Source: abc12.com

Photo source: Dreamstime.com