“We decided to stand out with improvements in appearance for our packaging”

The functionality of perishable packaging is important, but according to one packaging manufacturer, the look of the packaging is becoming more important these days. The company from Morocco creates packaging for avocados and their first branded packaging arrived in the Netherlands earlier this week.

According to Salah Eddine Belkadi, managing director of Moroccan packaging company Unique Packing, the quality of packaging in Morocco is so close they had to find other ways of standing out with their packaging options: “All proper packaging here in Morocco is mostly the same in terms of quality, as it leads to reduced injuries of fruits and vegetables. This is why for our packaging, we decided to stand out with improvements in appearance. We hired a well-known designer in Morocco, who happens to be a friend of mine, to help us with creating our brand and developing it further. Our packaging holds Moroccan avocados.”

Salah states that the appearance of the packaging is becoming more important to the clients of Unique packing. “We certainly see a new trend that the appearance of the packaging is becoming more important to our clients. When I sent our clients some photos of our new branded packaging for avocado, they like it crazily. One German importer told me he felt that this packaging is a piece of art, some were more interested in the packaging more than the goods! Our brand arrived in Holland earlier this week, let’s see avocado Dutch importers feedback, and see where it can take us from there. Our most important markets are Holland, France, Italy, and Spain.”

The avocado season in Morocco lasts from October until mid-April, with four varieties being the focus. “The avocado season in Morocco starts with green-skin avocados in the first week of October, actually, the first Moroccan green skin avocado Zutano arrived in Holland in the second week of October this season was our avocado. There were also some pallets for the Russian market around that time. As said, the season starts with Zutano and Bacon avos, after that, in the third week of November, Fuerte and Hass avocados start. By December Zutano and bacon ends, while Fuerte avocado ends in the third week of February and Hass ending in the third week of April.” Salah explains.

“Demand for Hass avocado is going to be much better in the next couple of months, and for the green skin market demand is very good. Actually, our first branded avocado will be the green skin avocado (Fuerte), we will load the next week and arrival will be in the first week of January.”

For Unique Packing, it’s important to give back to the people. To achieve this, the company will donate clothes and blankets before each export is conducted: “We are true believers that we must give before we take. Therefore, in return for all the blessings that we have in our professional and personal lives, we decided with this new brand to make a CSR program. Our idea is to give clothes and blankets to ten houses in the mountains of this region for these cold times before every export, so we don’t wait until we make a profit then we give, our first donation was even before the harvest of raw material, and you can imagine the fulfillment and motivation that we have for work once we finish the donation. This helps us to create the momentum for us and of course that leaves a good impact on other people’s lives.” Salah concludes.

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