“We don’t just offer an ERP, we offer full process optimization”

Source: Fresh Plaza

Just under a year ago, the innovative ERP software Frutico from  Swiss software developer Deep Impact AG had its market launch. The flexible and future-oriented software system has already made waves in the domestic fresh produce industry. The solution is designed to enable goal-oriented work and to make daily operations more efficient and easier.

Working with a customer in the fruit and vegetable sector, they said they saw the need for more digitization in the industry. “The sector had made a first step in digital transformation, but in the meantime these ERP solutions have become outdated. With Frutico, we are taking the next step on the road to digitizing the fresh produce industry,” Christian Fehrlin, owner and founder of Deep Impact AG, explains.

Deep Impact CEO Christian Fehrlin

User-friendly and clear
Frutico runs on the cloud, so no complicated infrastructure is needed, which is a fundamental optimization compared to existing solutions. “The system is not just an ERP; it offers full process optimization,” Fehrlin said. The tool was developed together with the industry, so it is definitively customer-focused. “Frutico uses and analyzes data that helps make business decisions. The integrated store also ensures precise data that can be evaluated – and it allows for massive scaling of the business model.”

So far, the process is being used by several medium-sized retail companies in German-speaking Switzerland. Early adopters are extremely satisfied. “With Frutico, we work faster and even more reliably. And I can take a vacation now and then, because the system takes over most of the work of the night shift,” says Rolf Spiller, Managing Director at Tenti AG. Martin Wyss, Managing Director of Jeune Primeur has similar experiences. “We needed a workflow production system, and Frutico is developing the solution with us. Frutico has me convinced, as the ordering process is certainly becoming easier for customers.”

Because of the broad package selection, the ERP software could easily be adapted to the respective operational structure, they emphasize. “We offer three basic packages: Frutico Work, a streamlined package with the intuitive functions of a retail operation; Frutico Pro, a worry-free package for all sales channels. Finally, there is Frutico Pro + with which you can manage the whole value chain from production to sales. Therefore, we see further growth potential both geographically, for example in neighboring countries, and for other industries within the food sector.”

Perfect solution
In addition to all this, online retail is experiencing a clear boom in these times of Corona. “The trend of vegetable and fruit retailers who increasingly want to reach their end consumers directly is thoroughly supported by Frutico. Through our connection from the store to the ERP, we have the perfect solution for this. This also goes for all kinds of boxes, such as vegetable and cooking boxes; our production module with recipes is very well suited for this.”

Meanwhile, however, the pandemic is also accompanied by major challenges – for example, on the part of product marketing. This is because the planned presentations at national and international trade fairs are unfortunately not possible at this time. “We now reach out to our customers through classic inbound marketing and direct sales. Therefore, we are not too dependent on the big events.”

Digitization potential
Before the process analysis, one needs to get to know the customer, which is how digitalization potentials can be determined. “We have been working quite a few night shifts at our customers’ for this. This also allows you to get to know each other very well. Our team is well mixed: not just people from the food industry are committed to Frutico, but developers and experts in digital business models as well.”

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