“We have noticed a big uptake in demand since the opening of outside hospitality”

Source: Fresh Plaza

The hospitality sector is slowly opening up again in the UK. In England the pubs and restaurants can now serve food outside and will open up fully on May 17th. This is good news for producers and wholesalers who have felt the impact of the lockdowns over the past year.

The Food Heroes have already seen a big increase in demand for both the fresh potatoes and their new range of frozen fries.

“We have noticed a big uptake in demand since the opening of outside hospitality, sales are up a lot,” said Simon Martin founder of the company.

“We have had huge support from chefs and expect sales to increase further when hospitality opens fully on 17th May, although this will be challenging as it will be towards the end of our season, but that’s what we do, and we will make it work. We have put a lot of hard work into branding and marketing and now we are seeing the benefit of this.”

Earlier this year the company expanded into the frozen fries range under the Koffmann brand. “Our frozen fries go through a unique process, making them very crisp and they are as close to a fresh chipped potatoes as you can get.”

Chef Pierre Koffmann with Simon Martin

“We do sell to retail, although it is not something we particularly pursue but we have had many enquiries from consumers who would like to know where they can buy our products.

“Currently we do two lines of frozen fries and a sweet potato line; we are about to launch a fourth line to the range”

Looking further ahead The Food Heroes will be launching a range of new fresh vegetable lines. Carrots and parsnips will be launched in July and brassicas and onions in September.

A triple distilled vodka made from a specific variety of potato, which gives it a very smooth and unique flavour, will be on the market later in the year.

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