“We’ve been looking for a second business range that’s not dependent on the weather”

As the operator of a family-run fruit farm, the name Detter is firmly anchored in the Austrian fresh fruit industry. Since last autumn, owner Stefan Detter has been running his own transport company in addition to his own farming business. Under the company name Detter Transporte, the Lower Austrian producer and trader is at the side of producers and traders with its own semi-trailers and refrigerated trucks. And the growth plans of the new company are particularly ambitious.

Apart from the agricultural business activities the producer considered itself already for some years an independent logistics division on the legs to place. “Compared to agriculture, food transport is much more independent of weather conditions and the effort and uncertainty is lower. At the same time, the two business segments complement each other very well”.

So far, the company’s fleet consists of two vehicles. A rapid expansion of the vehicle fleet at the existing location in Absdorf is planned.

Sustainable business model
More and more frequently he also received inquiries from colleagues in the agricultural sector. “In May 2020 I started the required training, because of corona-related issues I could only successfully complete the corresponding exam in September. Afterwards I actually founded the company Detter Transporte”, says Detter.

So far, the brand-new transport company has focused mainly on agricultural transports. It mainly transports potatoes, sugar beets and grain corn from regional production. In the new year, however, the company wants to expand its activities in the area of refrigerated transport – for example, vegetable products. Detter: “Fresh vegetables are still mainly transported at night. So I could imagine a business model in which the usual agricultural transports take place during the day and temperature-sensitive vegetable transports at night.” The company would also like to offer complementary logistics services.

Year-round and weather-independent revenue assurance
Currently, the transport of potatoes from the grower to the retailer is a significant revenue driver. “However, this turnover is mainly concentrated in the potato harvest season in August and September and is therefore very seasonal. The aforementioned refrigerated transport, on the other hand, takes place throughout the year and thus ensures continuous sales. Another business area with potential is the transport of returnable crates, such as EPS crates. As a newcomer, however, it is difficult to hold one’s own against the big players in this area.”

Right: This year, the company also wants to enter the vegetable transport sector.

Thanks to his years of experience in the fresh produce industry, Detter is familiar with the stages of the supply chain. “I also see great potential at the Vienna wholesale market in the future,” says the farmer, whose farm is just under 60 km from the wholesale market site.

For more information:
Detter Transporte
Stefan Detter
Kremserstr. 96
3462 Absdorf
+43 664 4456096
http://www.detter-transporte.at/ (still under construction)

Source: Fresh Plaza