What will 2021 bring regarding the expansion of strawberry plantations in Moldova?

The Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) has reported there were about 97 hectares of new strawberry plantations planted in Moldova last year. This was almost twice as much as in the previous year of 47 hectares. However, these figures do not fully reflect the actual state of affairs as not all berry growers apply to the department for post-investment subsidies upon the establishment of new plantations. Nevertheless, the AIPA data are sufficient to draw the conclusion that in 2020, the process of increasing the production capacity in the strawberry segment of the berry business in Moldova continued.

Members of the Moldovan Berry Producers Association clarify that the expansion of ​​new strawberry plantations last year was planned at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic hit.

The question remains: How will the berry situation develop in Moldova in 2021? According to representatives from the berry association, there are still many unknowns. Risks are multiplying such as the purchasing power and demand for expensive (albeit “healthy”) fruit products are decreasing, decapitalization of local agriculture continues, and logistical difficulties from the waves of restrictions due to COVID-19 have not been overcome.

Even in the realities of a two-year production cycle in the strawberry segment of the berry business, it will be difficult for farmers to completely curtail the investment process. However, to all appearances, optimization (towards reduction) will happen without fail.

Source: east-fruit.com

Photo source: Dreamstime.com

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