Why Entering For An Award Is Good For You And Your Business


Entering yourself or your business for an award can bring many benefits. While often overlooked, nominating yourself or your business for industry awards can make a huge positive impact on your brand.

Taking a closer look at those who have taken advantage of winning or being shortlisted for an industry award, you can clearly see the benefits that gaining national recognition has on personal performance. Many people and businesses can be transformed by a new level of confidence and some often launch on a new trajectory, with new opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out or more established, you can benefit from entering for an award.

Here are four reasons why you should consider putting yourself or someone you know forward for an award:

Marketing opportunity


It goes without a doubt that winning an award is a great reason to communicate with your audience. In a competitive foodservice industry, many businesses try anything they can do to stand out – viral social media posts, ad campaigns or even celebrity endorsement.

Winning an award, however, provides the opportunity to capitalize on the press and the prestige within your marketing efforts. An integrated marketing and communications strategy with consistent messaging, leveraging the awards on your website, via social, and through your other marketing channels is a great way to promote your credibility and authority to potential clients, partners, and others online.


As a leader in your kitchen, restaurant or foodservice business, it is your responsibility to do what you can to add credibility and authority to your brand. Receiving a nomination or winning an award for yourself and/or business is an endorsement for you and your team and can position your operation for long term success.

It can be a key point of difference to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you win or not, make your win part of your sales pitch, this is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. As you scale your business, your award can be seen as a seal of approval as you develop new relationships.

Benchmark Yourself

Winning an award, or even being nominated acts as an endorsement for you and/or your business. From the start, entering for an award can be a very involved process, but it will allow you to be honest with yourself, your business and allows you to become more knowledgeable as well because in some cases, it forces you to think about your business from a different perspective.

Studying the award criteria and looking at past winners may help you get a sense of what you want to strive for and identify gaps. Seeing who you may be up against when it comes to nominations allows you to look outside your four walls and to set the benchmark for where you are in relation to your competitors. It will allow you to validate your business plans and goals allowing you to see where you are in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, it will also allow you to pivot, revise or even set yourself up for the next phase in your business plan. Of course, you don’t want to forget to attend the actual awards event. Have your business cards ready and get ready to connect with other ambitious foodservice professionals and expand your network.

Attract Talent

People want to work for and work with the best. When the best and brightest are able to choose between different opportunities, it matters whether businesses have done everything possible to make themselves attractive places to work. An award marks your business as successful and accomplished, bringing in successful and accomplished talent.

Even if one person wins the award, the whole team is able to celebrate a victory. It also gives leaders the opportunity to give credit to those who helped them accomplish their goals. And leaders who share, and value those who help them on their path, are the type of leaders that many people want to work for.

The potential value that an award win can have on your business, your reputation, and your career can be quite impactful, and those who don’t think so, are missing out on the bigger picture at hand.

Canada’s restaurant and foodservice industry is powered by passionate, innovative and creative people, from business owners and chefs to frontline staff, suppliers and the many others who team up to serve more than 18 million customers every day.

An example of this is the 2019 RC Leadership Award winner, Jean-François Archambault – who has seen his career take another step forward. Jean-François won the award based on his efforts to create a more sustainable future for the foodservice industry through education-based programs. Read more about his work with the Kitchen Brigades on MENU Mag).

Here are the awards you can nominate someone (or yourself) for in 2020:

SilverChef Hospitality Awards: