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“Hard Kombucha Cider” currently available widely in Alberta, and expanding to new Canadian markets.

CALGARY (April 22, 2021) – Wild Tea Kombucha (WTK) is proud to announce the expansion of their brand new Hard Kombucha Cider, a first for them with a whole new range of alcoholic kombuchas. The new Hard Kombucha Ciders are dry and tart in flavour profile that are easily drinkable and have a unique flavour profile not currently found on the market. Naturally fermented, these Hard Kombucha’s have no added spirits, and no sulphites, as well as being gluten-free.

Wild Tea kombucha has been brewing kombucha commercially since 2015 in Calgary, and their two lines of non-alcoholic kombucha are widely distributed through Canada. Since the inception of Wild Tea Kombucha, it’s been Co-Founders Emily Baadsvik and Brigette Freel’s dream to brew an alcoholic kombucha. The female founders were inspired by some of the brands creating the product already in Southern California.

 “We tested the market at a variety of events including Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival as well as The Mashing in Calgary. The response was overwhelming, and it was amazing to get the feedback from the community”, says Co-Founder and CEO Emily Baadsvik. “We were pleasantly surprised that all sorts of palates from the hardcore beer purists to non-beer drinkers, to wine drinkers all enjoyed the taste profile of this better-for-you alcoholic option”.

“We’re also so lucky to have so many friends and mentors in the industry that have helped and guided us along the way, it was truly a labour of love and we’re so proud of how far we’ve come”! says Brigette Freel Co-Founder and COO.

WTK initially launched two flavours: Blueberry Hibiscus and Ginger Lime, and a year later has launched a new flavour, Mango Passionfruit. They’ve also made some important changes to the labelling, including nutritional call outs, nutritional label, and list of ingredients which although not required for alcoholic products, consumers in this segment have told us this is something they’re looking for.  WTK has also reduced the alcohol level from 6% to 5% due to customer feedback.

Hard Kombucha Cider is currently carried at approx. 100 Liquor stores across Alberta, and the team is working hard on expanding to new Canadian markets, including British Columbia and Saskatchewan. In March 2020, the team launched an E-COMMERCE store and is currently shipping direct to consumer. For the most up to date list of retailers in your area as well as more information about Wild Tea Kombucha, please visit http://www.wildteakombucha.com/. Like and follow WTK on Instagram and Facebook.


About Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Tea Kombucha was founded in June 2015 by Emily Baadsvik after she transitioned into retirement from sport following the Sochi Winter Olympics. While training on the Canadian National Bobsleigh team, Emily was introduced to kombucha which helped her improve performance during training. Wild Tea brews kombucha using small batch methods producing a product that is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized with now 3 product lines including Cocktail Inspired Kombucha, Low Sugar Kombucha Soda available throughout Canada and now *NEW* Hard Kombucha Cider.  

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