Year 2021 brings new challenges to the tomato and vegetable market

“With the exception of the first lockdown, 2020 was by no means an exciting year, and indeed ended rather sluggishly. On the other hand, 2021 didn’t start under the best auspices. Generally speaking, the festive season did not boost the markets as much as we hoped. We have to deal with the dynamics of the market, also the negative ones, by leveraging on our know-how,” said Giuseppe Licitra, CEO of the Sicilian company Marina Iblea.

Nevertheless, the grower looks forward to 2021 with confidence. “Reliability is our foundation and we have made it our goal to ensure that our products meet our quality evaluation parameters. Quality is not an abstract concept. For us, quality is a requirement that starts with the cultivation programming of varieties with proven traits. These varieties are an ongoing part of our assortment. Our crops are grown outdoors in the province of Ragusa and we use integrated cultivation and ecological sustainability,” explained Licitra.

The company Marina Iblea has stood out since its foundation, in the late ’90s, thanks to the quality of its references and to the added value services.

“The service we provide together with the supply of our crops is constant, high quality and linked to the cycles in Sicily. Our crops are always homogenous thanks to mechanized processing and selection”.

“We have different packaging solutions according to the customer’s needs. In addition, we use agronomic techniques with low environmental impact such as solarization of soils, cultivation of pathogen resistant/tolerant varieties, and we limit the use of crop protection agents”.

“We can produce horticultural products and package them under the client’s brand name, only and always according to the standards and certifications of quality IFS, GlobalGAP, GRASP, and the network La Rete del Lavoro Agricolo di Qualità. Our only goal is to meet the needs of our business partners and, consequently, of our final consumers.”

Marina Iblea Aziende Agricole Associate covers an area of 100 hectares, entirely dedicated to the cultivation of different types of tomatoes in greenhouses such as date, cherry, smooth red, oblong green, oxheart and mini plum tomatoes. The assortment also includes eggplants, cucumbers and yellow and red peppers.

Marina Iblea Soc. Cons. Agr. a r.l.
C/Da Gaddimeli, S. P. 36 Km 3,8 sn,
97010 Marina Di Ragusa (Rg) – Italy
Phone.: +39 3358121639
Fax: +39 0932 616289

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