Youssef Chakir takes over role of General Manager of Maïsadour Maroc

Maïsadour Maroc, a Moroccan grower and marketer of fresh Sweet Corn as well as other fruit and vegetables for export, announced the appointment of Mr Youssef Chakir as the company’s General Manager with effect from 1st of July 2020. All members of the Board will keep their positions unchanged.

Youssef took over from Frédéric Faillières, who left after serving as the General Manager of Maïsadour Maroc for almost two decades. He had announced his plans to return to Europe for a new professional challenge. “We are grateful to Fréderic for all the achievements with our company.”

“He managed to build and consolidate Maïsadour Maroc and Maïsadour Agri-Maroc, strengthening their positions in Morocco and within the entire Maïsadour Cooperative Group. Frederic has contributed to keep and enhance the values of the company and helped deepen the relationship with our customers, diversifying our portfolio, and improving the services.”

Youssef joined Maïsadour Maroc in 2009 after completing higher education in agriculture in both Morocco and France. At the age of 37 years, he is married and dad of two kids. We are delighted to have a person of his caliber and experience who shows a deep passion for our business as well as bringing over 15 years production management and export of fruit and vegetable experience with an emphasis on quality and strong customer service. Youssef is member of the Board since 2014” said Denis Villenave.

“Reaching the head of Maïsadour Maroc is the fulfillment of 15 years of learning and progress within the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, with whom I share common values. This is a clear sign of recognition, confidence as well as a commitment in the continuity of the Moroccan project. I’m prepared and committed to live up to our stakeholder’s expectations.” said Youssef Chakir, the new GM.

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Source: Fresh Plaza