6th Annual Grocery Tech Trends Study

The Store Still Rules

While the store is still the center of the grocery universe, how it’s used is quickly pivoting. Over the next 12 months, a quarter of grocers plan major click-and-collect and curbside investments as they look to cater to consumers who prefer a contactless shopping experience. 

In addition, grocers report a slew of point-of-sale (POS) investment over the next 12 months, with POS peripherals, software and hardware all receiving major overhauls at more than one out of five grocers. These upgrades will help grocers process contactless payment, execute click-and-collect orders, and allow for self-service checkout, among other additional functionality. 

Part of the appeal of the in-person grocery shopping experience is the thrill of discovering new and exciting products that consumers might not have been aware of otherwise. Over the next 12 months, a third (33%) of grocers expect to invest in new product or private label development to not only keep their assortments fresh, but also increase margins by keeping profits in-house.

Of course, finding reliable workers to fill their shelves with these new products has proved to be a monumental undertaking. Grocers, like the entire service industry, have struggled to attract and retain hourly workers. 

To bolster their workforce management capabilities, one in 10 grocers is currently deploying next-gen human resources, time and attendance, scheduling, training, task management, and compliance solutions to better connect with an increasingly fickle workforce.