Nova Scotia’s real fruit and mineral water blend, Viveau, continues expansion with the unveiling of their newest flavour, ripe strawberry, the launch of their canned beverages with a sleek, new look

July 19, 2021 (TORONTO, ON) — Viveau, Canada’s only 100% real pressed fruit and sparkling water beverage brand, has officially announced the launch of their canned beverages. With popularity growing throughout the pandemic, the brand has repackaged their three highly beloved flavours: wild blueberry, ripe cherry and crisp apple into vibrant, easy-to-enjoy 250 mL cans. With a new look, and the same delicious taste, Viveau has their eyes set on making a splash in the Canadian beverage market this summer, as they recently revealed their newest flavour, ripe strawberry, making it the fourth addition to their existing lineup. Viveau beverages contain only real fruit, never “natural flavours”— all you’ll find on the ingredient list is real fruit, mineral rich water and a light carbonation.

With strong momentum coming out of Q1 and Q2, the Canadian-owned and grown beverage brand has geared up for exponential growth for Q3 by unveiling their newly rebranded look. The rebranding includes a fresh new logo and packaging that showcase the products’ real Canadian flavours and unique features, further targeting the brands’ demographic of ingredient-conscious consumers looking for real food, real ingredients and real taste.

The functional beverage market has seen tremendous growth throughout the pandemic — according to the Global Functional Beverage report (2020-2030), the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.07% from 2021 and reach $158,280 million in 2023. The pandemic’s effect on consumer behaviour has been vast, seeing an elevated health conscious mindset expand amongst consumers who are increasingly looking for healthy alternatives in food and beverages to boost immunity and maintain overall well-being.

“We have seen firsthand the rising interest in the functional beverage category,” says Ted Grant, Co-Founder of Viveau. “When Hanspeter and I set out to create Viveau, we wanted to make a full-flavoured sparkling water that contained real ingredients with no sugars, additives, or a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. We’re really proud that we’ve been able to create a drink using only two ingredients, all sourced locally in Canada. We can’t wait to continue to bring Viveau to more markets across this great country and into people’s hands to experience what real tastes like.”

“The team here at Viveau is incredibly passionate about the growth expected to come throughout Q3, and we’re thrilled to be launching our new look and never before-seen cans across Canada.” says Tammy Hazen, VP of Marketing at Viveau. “We know the demand for a simple and real refreshing drink is out there, and we look forward to bringing our beverages to consumers across Canada — it’s a great feeling putting out something you not only love the taste of, but passionately back the mission and mandate of the brand.”

Viveau continues to make waves in the Canadian beverage industry, by crafting beverages with transparency at the forefront. Viveau is the first beverage in North America to be Clean Label Project™ certified. Clean Label Project™ evaluates products for heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plasticizers — Viveau passes all of these benchmarks without compromising taste or quality. Coming back to the root and inspiration behind the brand, Viveau continues to fuel and lead the real food movement by creating beverages that bring us back to basics — using real ingredients that create real flavour, while respecting both people and planet. 

Viveau continues to expand across all major retailers and foodservice providers across Canada. The newly launched cans will be available for purchase in Sobeys beginning July 15, and Loblaws the second week of August. For more information, visit and follow along at @drinkviveau.