Agricultural exports rise to 4.9 million tons despite Covid-19

Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation El Sayed el Quseir has stated that Egypt’s agriculture exports have increased to 4.9 million tons so far, despite the pandemic and its impact on the global transport and trade movements.

Egypt’s top exports since the outbreak of pandemic include: citrus, potato, onion, beets, pomegranate, grapes, potatoes, mango, garlic, strawberry, beans, guava and pepper.

The total citrus exports stood at 1.4 million tons, while potato exports came in the second place with 679,613 tons, the minister said in a statement. As many as 421,152 tons of onion have been exported since the outbreak of Covid-19, while beets came in the fourth place with exports estimated at 344,970 tons, the minister added.



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Source: Fresh Plaza