Ahern Agribusiness is acquired by an Israeli investment group

Ahern Agribusiness, Inc., a vegetable seed distribution company in Mexico and Central America, announced that it had been acquired by an Israeli investment group made up of Tene Investment Funds and Pulse Agri Investments. This operation will allow Ahern to diversify its product portfolio, expand its capabilities, and access AI-powered technologies, which will open new opportunities for its customers, suppliers, and employees.

Founded in 1981 and based in San Diego, California, Ahern is a  seed distribution company with a focus on Mexico and Central America. The company has extensive experience in plant genetics and crop management and evaluates thousands of vegetable seed varieties for different suppliers, such as Bayer, BHN, Enza Zaden, the Limagrain group (HM Clause, Hazera, and Vilmorin), Syngenta, Top Seeds, and Vitalis Organic Seeds. Ahern’s main asset is its customer service and logistical support.

Tene Investment Funds is an Israeli private equity fund that manages over $ 1 billion and dozens of portfolio companies in different global industries. Tene’s investments in agriculture include Netafim, a world leader in drip irrigation, and Gadot Agro, a leading Israeli company in the field of sales and distribution of seeds, pesticides, and international agricultural projects.

Pulse Agri Investments is an Israeli investment fund specialized in agribusiness. The company’s strategy focuses on maximizing the impact of new agricultural technologies by investing in global agribusiness as platforms that present unique channels to the market, as well as in early-stage companies with complementary innovative technology solutions. Its ultimate goal is to accelerate the growth of the aforementioned channels and innovative technology companies.

Ahern will preserve its operational continuity. Kevin Ahern will continue to be Ahern’s CEO and will join the executive board of directors as soon as it is formed. Ahern’s executive team will not change. In addition, the board will include five members of the new ownership group: Roee Tamari, executive chairman of the board; Amnon Eshet, Strategic Business Development Leader; and three representatives from Tene Investment Funds: Dr. Ariel Halperin, Non-Executive Chairman of the Board; Ran Ben-Or, and Eyal Shamear.


Source: infoagro.com 

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