Are American’s being robbed blind?

Dear Sir

American’s are being told by the authorities that the national inflation rate sits at approximately 2.5 percent. I am sure the government wants us all to be silently passive and accept such declarations, and continue on our daily journey. What is the real inflation rate, and how is it affecting our daily lives?

Well, the cost of housing continues to escalate not only in our large urban centers but everywhere. Drive hundreds of miles from either of these places and you’ll find the cost of housing to be similarly high and housing stocks minimal.

How about the cost of a vehicle? Remember when a Dodge Caravan ran you say $20,000? Well, expect to pay at least $10,000 more.

A good used car perhaps? If you can find one, the cost is also astronomical.

Took my Caravan in for repairs two months ago and a week later their sales staff called me and offered to buy my five-year-old vehicle. When used cars sell at these prices, this demand shows us just how difficult it is to live in America.

Food prices have gone to the roof. Here’s a sampling of some of the increases since January by Better Cart, which monitor’s food prices in America.

Butter up 35.5% – Ketchup up 7.3% – Potatoes up 11.5% – Frozen French Fries up 26.2% – Bananas up 4.9% – Macaroni up 12.7% – Milk up 12.6% – Bread up 8.1% – Gas up 21%;

Higher Education up 11% – Want to talk about your favorite meats? – Beef up 45% – Chicken up 14.9% – Pork up 6.7%.

Are we being robbed here by the various grocery, retail establishments?

I know there are increases in the transportation of products and a limit on product availability also. New taxes have been applied by our cash strapped governments such as the beloved Green Environmental Tax, and we know our various governments have spent a fortune protecting us all.

Can I ask a direct question:

  • Has your wage and benefits increased since 2019?
  • Has your debt been managed well, decreasing in time?
  • Will our elected officials demand an explanation of these large increases?
  • Will they represent our concerns directly to the profiteering corporations?

I don’t think they will challenge those corporations that support them!

This brings to mind a story told to me years ago.

In the time of Mussolini (1930s) in a poor parish in southern Italy, a priest was outraged by the governments’ actions, increasing the price of milk and bread. The parish he was located in was strongly communist, and the priest fought this ideology daily. Well, Father Anthony forced his way into the dictators’ office demanding that the price of bread and milk be decreased. So impressed was the dictator that he not only returned the price to its original but reduced it further.

Will our representatives stand up for American’s and will they demand a fair accounting of the costs of these needed items?

Can we expect prices to decrease? Certainly not!

Corporations know that you will pay the price for the things we need. Fair and true pricing of those items we need must fall into our hands and those who represent us.

Just wait until your Hydro, Natural Gas prices escalate, and just before winter too.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario