Banana exports Cameroon down by 8% in 2020

According to data compiled by the Banana Association of Cameroon (Assobacam), Cameroon banana exporters exported 187,884 tons of banana in 2020, against 204,320 tons in 2019. This is a year-on-year export drop of 17,436 tons (-8%).

According to,  this drop in performance is mainly due to the decline in the exports of market leader plantations du Haut Penja (PHP). Its exports fell from 187,423 tons in 2019 to 166,762 tons in 2020 (representing a drop of 20,661 tons or 11%  between the two periods).

The exports of Boh Plantations, which became the second-largest operator in the sector in Cameroon due to the cessation of state-owned company Cameroon Development Corporation’s (CDC) activities (due to attacks by armed gangs in the Anglophone regions), fell from 16,897 tons in 2019 to 14,954 tons in 2020 (representing a drop of 1,943 tons or 11.5%).

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Source: Fresh Plaza