Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Extra Creamy Almondmilk

Leading almond marketer and processor Blue Diamond is expanding its assortment of Almond Breeze products with the January 2022 launch of Almond Breeze Extra Creamy Almondmilk. The beverage uses almond oil made from quality California-grown Blue Diamond almonds to give the product an extra-creamy texture similar to that of whole dairy milk, eliminating a complaint that many consumers have regarding the thinness of some plant-based milks, while containing fewer carbs than the leading oat milk. Additionally, with 80 calories per serving, Almond Breeze Extra Creamy Almondmilk is low in saturated fat, an excellent source of calcium and vitamins D and E, and a good source of vitamin A. It can serve as a swap for whole dairy milk in any recipe or usage occasion, including in coffee, cereal, smoothies and baking, and also be drunk on its own by the glass. The product offers an exciting option for consumers who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, prefer vegan options, or just want a nondairy milk alternative. A 59-fluid-ounce carton retails for a suggested $3.69.