Burnbrae Farms announces commitment to net zero emissions

LYN — Burnbrae Farms has released its public sustainability report, “Eggs for Life®.”

The company’s report outlines its efforts to address sustainability challenges. The report provides a summary of Burnbrae Farms’ objectives towards five key considerations: environment, animal care, health & wellbeing, safe nourishing food, and community spirit.

Burnbrae Farms is a sixth-generation, Canadian family-owned and operated company.

In addition to the release of its sustainability report Burnbrae Farms announced its commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The company says it began tracking its carbon footprint in 2016 and will continue focusing on issues where it believes it can make the greatest impact, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption.

“As the largest family-owned and operated egg business in Canada, Burnbrae Farms plays an important role in fostering positive environmental and societal change, both nationally and in the communities in which we work and serve,” said Margaret Hudson, president & CEO of Burnbrae Farms.

“Our family has always had a community mindset in all that we do, and so it follows that we are committing to doing our part to protect the planet, and to continuing to innovate our operations with future sustainability projects, like the launch of our second solar farm.”

Source: www.canadianmanufacturing.com