Chefs struggle to bring in top fruit and vegetables from Britain

Chefs in Northern Ireland have had to adapt their menus and raise prices due to food import complications brought about by the Irish border. Many have found the likes of heirloom tomatoes, artichokes, and asparagus have been difficult to get hold of, or their quality has dropped upon arrival due to hold-ups at customs.

Chris McGowan, from the award-winning Wine & Brine in Moira, County Down, said businesses will suffer if trade rules aren’t relaxed. “Prices have had to go up and some foods are much more difficult to get since Brexit,” he told

“Since getting in touch with suppliers ahead of reopening, I’ve found certain fruit and veg is harder – for smaller importers, it’s not worth the extra expense and time. We always source what we can locally, but we’re chefs and we want to use beautiful, seasonal produce from outside Ireland too, and it’s frustrating.”

Source: Fresh Plaza