Chirang farmers export Assam lemons to UK market

Chirang farmers, along with the Panbari Bodofa Agro Organic Producer Company, exported Assam lemons to the United Kingdom in the first week of July. The lemon, popularly known as Kazi Nemu, is produced only in Assam and is an important ingredient in Assamese cuisine.

The lemons were handpicked from select lemon orchards of Panbari, Chirang and around 1,200kg of the fruit was shipped to the Wholesale International Market in New Spitalfields, United Kingdom. The export of the GI Certified Assam Lemon has been done under the close supervision of the Bodofa FPC Common Service Centre and members of the Assam Agri-Business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) in Guwahati.

Upendra Boro, CEO of Panbari Bodofa Agro Organic Producer Company, told EastMojo: “The export was successful and the farmers are delighted to sell their produce at a fair price. … The response that we have got is quite good. They appreciated the quality of lemons, and we have also received more orders of lemon from the European markets, which we will be exporting shortly.”

Source: Fresh Plaza