Cleaning solution for small tanks and processing equipment

SNP has announced a new release in its tank cleaning product line-up, the new HydroWhirl Mini (HWM). This mini rotational tank cleaning nozzle is ideal for cleaning compact areas inside equipment or small tanks up to 3 ft in diameter.

The HWM comes in stainless steel, the HydroWhirl Mini SS, with threaded and clip-on versions available, and the HydroWhirl Mini PVDF.

The HWM nozzle, manufactured by BETE, is ideal for applications such as cleaning food processing and dispensing equipment and for pipe and bottle cleaning. The PVDF version allows for cleaning of processing equipment which may have harsh chemical residues.

The HWMs deliver superior cleaning performance with powerful sprays that clean faster than traditional static spray balls, reducing cycle times, water consumption, chemicals, and energy.

SNP supplies a whole range of tank cleaning solutions, from classic spray balls to rotary jet cleaners and fast cycle cleaners, to clean tanks of all sizes and all residues.

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