Climate without Borders initiative honors another supplier

Source: Fresh Plaza

In a very short time, Nuremberg-based food retailer NORMA has succeeded in expanding its vegetable assortment yet again to include climate- and CO2-neutral items. In the future, its cocktail and cherry tomatoes as well as mini cucumbers and pointed peppers will also be supplied by a partner certified by the Climate without Borders initiative.

Höfler Gemüse from Nuremberg has long been one of the regional producers whose goods are sold in almost 250 stores in Bavaria.

On the one hand, Höfler Gemüse relies on biogas cogeneration plants, which save around 1,000 tons of CO2 annually. On the other hand, certified climate protection projects offset emissions caused by electricity and fuel consumption. This means that NORMA can offer its customers guaranteed fresh quality and sustainable products with vegetables from Höfler. For many years now, the food retailer has relied on a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which also includes the conversion of its product range.

Regional fruit vegetables
Höfler Gemüse is NORMA’s second regional partner, along with Scherzer Gemüse, that grows in a climate-friendly way. Included are different types of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, as well as butterhead and leaf lettuces.

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