CSGA reaches affiliation agreement with provincial seed growers’ branches

The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) announced a new affiliation agreement with its regional branches, the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers Association, the Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Association, the Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association, the Ontario Seed Growers’ Association, les Producteurs de semences du Québec and the Maritime CSGA Branch. 

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The affiliation agreement is the first to establish clear roles and responsibilities for all and formalize the arrangements as an inclusive and service-oriented approach, the CGSA said in a release. The aim is to ensure stakeholder engagement in a next-generation seed certification system that is professional, resilient and meets the diverse needs of Canada’s agri-food economy. 

Under the affiliation agreement, CSGA national assumes the lead role on national interest issues, any work related to national and international seed bodies, and other national associations aligned with CSGA’s national mandate.

The branches will develop and strengthen relationships with their relevant provincial government and regulatory bodies, provincial value chain associations, and other regional stakeholder groups to create and promote a forum of exchange on relevant issues and policies. 

Source: Farmtario.com