December apple export rate lowest in three years

According to the Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment the country exported about 10,500 tons of apples in December 2020, while in the same month of 2019 this number was about 17,000 tons, with 20,000 tons being exported in 2018.

The maximum export volume of apples -more than 15,000 tons- of the 2020 harvest was in August. However, it significantly decreased, stabilizing in October-November at a level of just over 6,000 tons. On the eve of the winter holidays, market operators predicted an abrupt growth in these fruits’ exports in December. The increase was not as significant as farmers and traders hoped. reports that experts from agricultural producers’ organizations identify several primary reasons for the decline in Moldovan apple exports in August-December 2020. The main reason is a sharp decline in these fruits’ harvest: only 430,000 tons in 2020 against 610,000 tons in 2019.

Consequently, from the very beginning of autumn, high-quality apples were placed for long-term storage. In such conditions, the resource for export deliveries of lower quality products “directly from the garden” or from primitive warehouses was exhausted quite quickly – by the start of November.

Another reason, obviously related to the first, is the high supply prices for Moldovan apples of almost all varieties. Moreover, exporting traders preferred to postpone deliveries hoping for high prices for apples in the primary (Russian) sales market in the second half of winter.

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